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Everything you need to revive dormant sales and service leads in under a minute

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Engage 1,000 prospects with little effort

Send personalized “blast” messages to 1,000 prospects from your CRM and lists in under a minute. Start conversations with hundreds of buyers today.

Let Bitesize do the work for your team

Want to text a prospect as soon as they are added to your CRM? Follow up with a lead every Thursday?

Create your own customized rules and let Bitesize handle the texting.

Every team member generates the hottest leads via artificial intelligence

Our AI helps you respond to the hottest leads so you can focus on making more deals.

We sync notes so your rep can continue to have a singular experience. Every lead gets connected to chosen team members within seconds.

Track your team’s response time & activities

With our insights, you can improve your team performance and optimize on message campaign.

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How long will it take to text them all?

Text messaging is the number one way to ensure your message gets seen first. Being the first one to text helps you outrank your competitors.

We’ve got it down to science so your team can take it easy

Trigger texts at the right time

Automatically text prospects while they’re hot! Schedule follow-ups with the most optimal times. Setting up only takes minutes.

Never miss a follow up

Set it up once and forget about it. Bitesize does the follow up for you where needed

Keep it all together in your existing CRM

Sync and create notes and tasks on your CRM based on messages

Get more inbound calls

Don’t miss the hottest customers that call your texting number, route it directly to the right salesperson

Use battle tested templates

Not sure what to say? You are ready to go with the best collections of text templates - tried and true!

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